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憶少鵬 In Memory of Liu Shao Peng

李錦濤 Laurens Lee

Sifu and Peng直到現在,我依然清晰地記得劉少鵬君第一次來上課的情景。當日在列治文中華文化中心太極拳班,上課前,有一年青漢子進入課室,帶點害羞,恭敬地站在我面前,叫我一聲「師傅」。班中同學,大多是中年人,年青的他,引起我的注意,和他交談數句,跟着就開始上課了。




Sifu and Peng practicing Tai ChiUntil now, I still remember clearly Shao Peng’s first day in my Tai Chi class, held at the Chinese Cultural Centre in Richmond.  A young man wearing a shy smile on his face entered the classroom, came up and acknowledged me “Sifu”.  He soon caught my attention, as most of the students were usually older. We chatted for a while before class started.

After a few lessons, I found Shao Peng to be a quick learner.  Young, physically well coordinated with a good memory, he grasped the concept and new movements rapidly.  He was never absent from class and attended with enthusiasm. Whenever I pointed out his mistakes, he would take the constructive feedback sincerely and strive to perfect his techniques with continuing effort.  Each time he learned a new movement, he would always practised at home until he knows it thoroughly by heart before coming to the next class.   Shao Peng also had a strong sense in understanding quickly the essence and inner meaning of each Tai Chi movement. As a result, I asked for his assistance to guide those junior students with difficulties or progressing at a slower pace.  He was most willing in helping out and thus joined me in assisting students in other community classes.

With a humble, kind and always-helpful disposition, Shao Peng was respected by all members.  Though not especially expressive, everyone took to him as their mentor and loved to learn from him.  They greeted him “Ah Peng” or “Sihing*”.  He explored the art of Tai Chi seriously and assisted in teaching cordially, thus, his knowledge and skills in Tai Chi grew by leaps and bounds within a few years.   Having accomplished his high level of skills in both bare hand form and weapon forms, everyone looked upon him as the leader for club activities, and demonstration invites in various occasions or television program.  Some members would even make a special trip to go and watch his demonstration.

Unfortunately, in the prime of his life while pursuing a higher level of Tai Chi, Shao Peng was diagnosed with serious illness. We were all worried and most anxious.   During treatments, his display of wisdom showed neither complaint nor blame, but faced all medical situations patiently and optimistically.  Other than cooperating with the doctors, he spent much time discussing and exploring with me Tai Chi theory and concept. When feeling better, he would immediately return to class and practise Tai Chi together.  We were all inspired by the courage and confidence he had shown in life.  Today, Shao Peng has left us, yet his friendly smile, his excellence in Tai Chi, his sincerity and perseverance will live in our heart forever.

Members of Kam To Tai Chi Chuan Association

* Sihing: a respectful title for a senior male colleague