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Peng, for those who know you, miss you!
Your love towards your wife and children, I witnessed it.
Your kindness to yours friends, me one of them, I received it gracefully.
Your patience in assisting me to learn Tai Chi, I appreciated it.
Your tremendous effort in practicing Tai Chi, I saw the result of it.
Your courage to fight the battle of cancer, I admired it.
Your optimism towards life, I aspired by it.
Goodbye, my friend and remembering you.

鵬, 認識你的人,懷念你!
你對妻兒愛護關懷, 我親眼看見;
你對朋友親切誠懇,作為你的朋友 ,我欣然領受;

- Lydia Luk

Demo at Sun Yat-sen GardenIt has been our privilege to have known ‘Ah Peng’ for 12 years. He was undoubtedly the senior acolyte with the ability far above everyone else in the Kam To Tai Chi Chuan Association. As he has curtailed his Tai Chi classes, most junior members only knew him as the “nice young man” who brought his lovely family to our New Year parties and as wielder of the formidable Tai Chi broad sword.

We will be sorely missed.


- Ken & May Kaan


每年的春節聯歡晚會,他必負責表演,而各人(包括師傅、師母) 都覺得他對太極拳甚有天份,假以時日,必有所成。師傅多次提及鵬師兄在劍術的造詣之深,師門中不作他人之想。而師傅在電視台及社區中心作太極拳示範,鵬師兄亦是中堅分子,於此可見他在師傅心中的地位。


月落星沉  曇花乍現歸塵土
龍騰鳳舞  大鵬展翅赴蓬萊

Members at Cascade Village

Simple, honest, sincere and quiet was my first impression of Peng. Later when I had the opportunity to be in the same class with him on Thursdays, I discovered that he was modest with his talent and learning. Every time I practised with him, he could point out my mistakes, analyse and explain to me the purpose of each movement, thus deepening my understanding of Tai Chi.

In each annual Spring Festival celebration, he was always responsible for doing performances. Everyone including both Sifu and Simo felt that he was very talented in Tai Chi and could have fine achievements in the field eventually. Sifu mentioned that Peng`s attainment in sword form was the best among his students. When Sifu demonstrated for TV and community centres, Peng was always included as a nucleus member, showing his position in Sifu’s heart.

Regretfully, his life was cut short. After fighting cancer for six years and many treatments of chemotherapy, he passed away. We are deeply saddened by his death. I can only compose a couplet to commemorate him, bidding him farewell on the way to the Western Paradise.

The moon sets and a star falls;
Epiphyllum blooms briefly but a moment, returning to earth.

The dragon leaps and the phoenix dances;
The roc* spreads its wings, flying to the land of immortals.

*The name of the bird in Chinese is Peng.

- 張炳鈞 Peter Cheong

最初認識鵬師兄是在中華文化中心。那時候我們剛開始學習太極拳,對鵬師兄已印象深刻,覺得他身手敏捷,技術不凡,以爲他是有健身操或武術根底的。後來他告訴我們,因為他經常練習和探索,才有這麼好的身手。  鵬師兄好學勤奮的精神不僅在他身體好的時候做到,患癌病後,他仍然堅持,他説他雖躺在床上,但他腦海中還在練習太極拳。鵬師兄的堅持和奮鬥精神,絕對是值得我們學習的。

We first met Peng at Chinese Cultural Centre when we began to learn Tai Chi chuan.  At that time, we found Peng's skills pretty impressive and we thought he must have practised gymnastics or kung fu before.  Later, Peng told us that his skills come from constant practice and exploration.  Peng demonstrates his desire to learn and hardworking attitude not only when he was healthy, after he was diagnosed with cancer, he said he would still practice Tai Chi in his mind even when he is not well enough to get up to practice.   Peng's perseverance and hardworking attitude are something that we should all learn from.

- Alice & Ronald Siao



I regard Liu Shao Peng as my respected Sihing* Peng.  Although he was younger than I am, he was my senior, who had attained high level of Tai chi skill.  Sihing Peng had great patience when coaching the junior pupils and he was meticulous with his explanations. The time when I was learning the sabre, one of the movements (back stroke) was a challenge for me.  Sihing Peng modeled the moves assiduously and pointed out the areas for improvement. 

Sihing Peng’s passing saddened me but his kindness will be remembered.

- John So

Tai Chi practice in North Vancouver


Peng was a very nice and friendly person.  He was very skillful in Tai Chi chuan.
I am very impressed with his Tai Chi sword performance at X'Mas and Lunar New Year Party. 
It was so sad he left us at this early age.  We all miss him.

- Doris Yip

Gathering at North Vancouver

第二次見阿鵬是在 Advanced Class,他負責幫我練習推手,練習之餘亦加上鼓勵。

The first time I met Ah Peng was in the class at Cascade. He was a very patient coach. His demonstrations and explanations helped me gain much understanding of the movements.  
The next opportunity was in the advanced class, when Ah Peng practised the push hands with me.  His encouragement was greatly noted.
At every gathering, Ah Peng always gave impressive performances.  His perseverance for learning is something I would like to emulate.

- Prudence Yip



My impression of Ah Peng was his placid manner and generous spirit. Before he left for China, we had a brief conversation at Sifu’s place. When asked about his condition, his matter-of-fact reply was “Tai Chi is part of my treatment now as it alleviates my pain.  I work on different sections for two to three hours every day.  It makes me feel energized for the rest of the day.  Remember to practice!”  His words were not too many yet they inspired perseverance and encouragement.

- Marian Yip

Demo at Roundhouse Community CentreIt was about 8 years ago that I first met Peng during the Tai Chi chuan and weapon demonstration at the Roundhouse Community Center. Peng performed the Tai Chi saber in that occasion.  I think he was the first few students (if not the first) who learned the Tai Chi saber from Sifu.

Since Peng and I attended different classes, I met him only a few more times in the Thursday morning class at the Cascade Village.  It has always been nice to meet other Tai Chi classmates and friends in our annual barbecue and Chinese New Year's parties.  So I had the chance to meet Peng and his family in those happy occasions in the following years.

Later when I started attending the Advanced Class, I met him again during those classes.  I found Peng was a nice, easy-going, always willing to help and very easy to get along person.  I really admire his Tai Chi chuan and weapons' technique and was very grateful that he corrected my mistakes especially in the "push-hands" which was totally new to me at the time.

I feel so sorry that we lost such a devoted and valuable member and friend in our Tai Chi Association.  I am sure he is deeply missed by his family and all of us who knew him.  He will always live in our hearts.


鵬和我的上課時間不同,之後只有幾次在Cascade Village 周四早上的課堂見過他。很高興每年的夏日燒烤和農曆新年聯歡晚會都與其他太極班同學和朋友相聚,因此往後幾年我也有機會在這些歡樂的場合與鵬和他的家人碰面。


太極拳會失去一位這麼熱心和重要的成員和朋友, 我感到十分遺憾。可以肯定他的家人及所有認識他的人均深深懷念他,他將活在我們心裏。

- Teri Heung

* Sihing: a respectful title for a senior male colleague