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Demo at Chinese New Year PartyPeng,

You were always an inspiration to watch demonstrating your dedicated Tai Chi skills.  You are missed and will always be remembered. 



- Kim Au

Liu Shao Peng was a value and respected member of Kam To Tai Chi Chuan Association. His death has saddened all of us. We missed him greatly.

Peng and I became acquaintances through Tai Chi classes. Soon I discovered that he was a quiet, peaceful and appreciative young man. He approached Tai Chi with great interest, always gave full attention to each lesson. Combined with regular practices, Peng was able to made remarkable progress in a few years. Later he told me that during his sickness, he continued practice Tai Chi in his hospital room. Peng was truly an admirable Tai Chi devotee.

Many characteristics of manhood were demonstrated in the life of Liu Shao Peng. He was responsible husband and caring father, a courageous and endurance patient, a sensitive and humble Tai Chi teaching assistance. Having Peng as my friend truly adds brighter radiance to my life.




- Ena Chiu

Filming of Tai Chi TV seriesPeng, along with Lemus was our “senior student” teacher when Peter Yii and I first started at the Cambie Street Roundhouse Community Centre in 1998.  Peng taught us well in spite of our language barrier.  He was personable, caring and patient.  We were a Tai Chi family. I miss him.

當一九九八年Peter Yii和我開始在甘比街弘毅社區中心上課,阿鵬和阿昌已經是我們班上的資深學員和助教。雖然我們之間有點語言隔膜,但鵬很用心教導我們。他平易近人,又有愛心和耐心。我們同屬一個太極的大家庭,我懷念他。

- Gail Caldwell


Demo at Roundhouse Community CentreA great guy and a very talented martial artist who was taken from us way too soon. He will be missed by all of us at Kam To Tai Chi, but never forgotten. God Bless!

一位了不起的朋友和才華橫溢的武術家,可惜太早離開我們了!錦濤太極拳會各人將懷念他,永不忘記。 求主保佑!

- Peter Yii

He was a talented and gentle person.  We really miss him having around.

- Nina Sugii

Demo at Chinese New Year party四月長週末一個和煦又陽光燦爛的下午,約好了鵬嫂嫂到她們家去。在花店選購了小小一束鮮花,特別請店長為我挑上顏色柔和的粉黄、粉橙及一點點嫣紅,當然要襯上很多很多的滿天星,這花束令人感到溫暖。也許鵬嫂嫂怕我認不得路吧,我車子拐彎時已見她站在屋邨外,我趕緊下車迎上去。



2003年,師傅接受內陸Osoyoos 多元文化交流邀請,到當地拜訪及表演,我也不怕冒昧請纓同往,師傅、師母更帶同鵬師兄及Phoebe 一起。鵬師兄除借出私伙七人車,更充當司機,把我們歡歡喜喜送到演出塲地,滙同Phoebe及師傅演練多套拳劍功夫後,又平平安安送大家返抵溫哥華的家。一些零碎片斷,讓我也在回憶中。一旦聽說他害病了,人消瘦了,返來太極班上課也中斷了,師傅說他回家鄉治病,因為家鄉高堂健在,照料他也來得方便。

回過神來,鵬嫂嫂為我酙上香茶,並說大女兒已完成中學課程,正趕着編寫 International Baccalaureate Program,所以挺忙的,下學年會入讀UBC Sauder School of Business,小兒子也在讀九年級了。她說孩子懂事讓自己寬心一點,而她自己更把鵬師兄親手寫的偈語拿給我看,她說:這是他給他自己最大的鼓勵,也是他後期平靜渡過的倚仗。

1) 星雲語

開卷有益, 讀書,可以徹悟人生道理,讀書可以洞曉世事滄桑,讀書可以廣濟天下民眾,捧一幀書冊,看史事五千,品一壼清茗,行通途八百,無須走馬賽上,你便可看楚漢交兵,無須程門立雪,你便可聽師長之諄諄教誨。

2) 聖嚴語



Christmas gathering


On a warm, sunny afternoon in April, I arranged to visit Peng’s wife. I bought a small bouquet of fresh flowers from a floral shop and specially requested the florist to pick for it some soft colors: pastel yellow, pastel orange and a bit of bright red. That of course had to go with a lot of baby’s-breath. The bouquet could warm the heart of those who see it. Perhaps, Peng’s wife feared that I couldn’t find the place. By the time my car turned the corner, she was already standing outside her living compound. I hurriedly got off the car to meet her.

The two children were at home. They had grown much taller. The older sister was delicate and pretty; the younger brother was shy. Peng’s photo was placed on the fireplace. I offered up the bouquet and quietly prayed. Sitting in front of the dining table, Peng’s wife slowly told me in detail Peng’s treatment of cancer in his home town. In the past months, in order to take care of Peng and the children, she had been travelling back and forth between China and Canada. She had visibly lost some weight and had not been able to sleep well. Her tears ran down her cheeks uncontrollably while she spoke. As she continued to recall the bits and pieces, she repeatedly uttered:  “How could it be so sudden?” “How should he be gone so soon?” I had no idea as to how to console her.

I was also distracted as my mind went back to the time when I practised Tai Chi with Peng, and other students … when I first joined Tai Chi class, Sifu often asked Peng to demonstrate the movements for us. He was shy and reserved, but he didn’t refuse. His movements were precise and fluid; his jumps were quick, light and graceful. It was very impressive to everyone. He was always happy to help new students, although he was not good in expressing himself. When he was anxious in his explanation of a movement, Vsiting Osoyoos (2003)his Dongguan accent would come out. And I would laugh at him. Peng had the ability to handle situations calmly and creatively. One time, while he was performing outdoor with the broad sword, he dropped the sword on the ground by accident. Quicker than a wink of the eye, he changed the movement to the style of “snake creeps down” and scooped up the sword swiftly.  There was no fear or panic. He continued on his performance with the sword soughing with vitality. When he finished, the audience burst into thunderous applause. I also clapped and gave him my loud cheers.

In 2003, Sifu accepted an invitation to visit and perform for a multicultural exchange in Osoyoos. Unabashedly, I volunteered to go along. Sifu and Simo brought along Peng and Phoebe. Peng drove his 7-seat van and became our chauffeur driving us happily to the performing venue. After the performances of Tai Chi chuan and Tai Chi sword with Sifu and Phoebe, he drove us safely back to Vancouver.  Bits and pieces of the past came to mind. Later I heard that he had become ill and losing weight. Eventually he stopped coming to class. Sifu told me that he had returned to his home town to get treatment because his parents could conveniently care for him.

Coming back to my visit to Peng’s wife, she served me tea and told me that her older daughter has now graduated from high school and is taking the International Baccalaureate Program. She is currently very busy and will attend UBC Sauder School of Business next term. Her younger son is now in Grade 9. Her mind is at ease because they are sensible and intelligent. She showed me the Buddhist sayings (Jiyu) that Peng had personally written out for her.  She said they had been his strongest encouragement and had given him peace at the last stage of life.

1) Master Hsing Yun
Face up to the fleeting nature of happiness; do not avoid painful realities.
Stay awake in happiness; respond positively to suffering.
This is the wisdom of life.

The Benefit of Reading
Reading makes you recognize fully the principles of life
Reading provides knowledge of the ever changing affairs of human life
Reading helps widely the populace of the world
Holding a book, you can see history of five thousand years; 
Sampling a pot of fine tea, you can travel eight hundred miles.
Without riding on a horse, you can see the battle between Chu and Han.
Without standing in the snow to wait upon Master Cheng, you can listen to the earnest teachings of revered teachers.

2) Master Sheng Yen
What you see happiness in others is not the whole in real life;
Every life has its deficiency. It is not necessary to vainly compare with others.
All is good as you cherish what you already have.

I would like to take these sayings of the Masters to bless the family with peace!

- Judy Chan




Peng and Phoebe at OsoyoosPeng, we knew each other for more than ten years.  In our large Tai Chi family, you were always my respected “big brother” and sincere friend.  You were much loved and esteemed by all of us, not because you started early in practising Tai Chi or were more skilful but for setting a role model with your words and actions. You respected Sifu, practised earnestly and helped guide the junior students patiently. When practising push hand exercise together, you would always point out my mistakes. When my nerve caused me to slip in demonstration, you would always give me support and comfort. When I was overly busy, you would always advise me to make quiet time for myself...

Peng, while planning to visit China early this year, I was looking forward to seeing you and practising Tai Chi together.  Sadly this didn’t materialize, yet it’s a comforting thought that I was able to bring, in your last day, the warmest wishes from all the classmates.  Though in pain, the way you clenched onto our customized card signified how deeply you cherished our friendship.

Peng, the memory of practicing Tai Chi together will reside with me always.  Your exemplary manner will motivate us to keep moving forward on the road of Tai Chi.  Thank YOU!

- Phoebe Chow




An email from Sihing* Peng on November 14, 2011: “Seek joy in the hardship of life. Happy times tend to sweep by. Misfortunes are too apt to fill reality; hence we brace ourselves against adversities. Life can be meaningful when the blissful moments are cherished”.

Not only did Sihing Peng share with me his knowledge of Tai Chi, but also his outlook on life.  All of that, I shall be mindful.

- C.M. & Lorna To

Gathering at restaurantPeng was a kind and soft-spoken family man with a down to earth nature.

He practised his Tai Chi seriously, thus, it was always a pleasure to watch his performance at the Annual Chinese New Year Celebration. Whenever and wherever help was needed, Peng would be there.

We’ll all miss Peng dearly.  

鵬是一個親切、說話溫和、腳踏實地和重視家庭的人。 他認真練習太極拳,所以每次在周年春節聯歡晚會觀看他的表演都感到賞心悅目。無論何時何地有需要,鵬總會幫忙。我們深深懷念阿鵬。  

- May Chow

* Sihing: a respectful title for a senior male colleague