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Yang’s Dual Style Tai Chi Chuan

Sifu Lee

Yang’s Dual Style Tai Chi Chuan (or Tchoungs’ Dual Style Tai Chi Chuan) was created by the late Grandmaster Tchoung Ta-Tchen. Based on the old style of the Yang School and adopted the principle of balance between yin and yang, Master Tchoung rearrange this so that all movements have corresponding movements in the opposite direction – left and right as well as back and forth, thus creating the Dual Style.

The entire form is divided into six sections.  The movements of the second and third sections are identical except done in opposite directions.  The fourth and fifth sections also follow this same pattern. When practicing, one must follow “The Ten Important Points of Tai Chi Chuan” as principles in order to make the body able to move fluidly and comfortably.