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Tai Chi Weapon Forms

Similar to other martial art forms, Tai Chi has weapon forms, such as saber, sword, stick and long rod.  When practice, it incorporates the Tai Chi principles of relaxation and softness. We teach the following weapon forms in our classes: 

Tai Chi Sword

Sword is one of the most popular weapons used in the Tai Chi practice. Its characteristics are flexible and sharp on both sides.  Practicing the sword form greatly emphasizes on the softness and smoothness in motion.


Tai Chi SaberSaber practice

In comparison with other Tai Chi weapon forms, the movements with the saber are faster and put more emphasis on external muscular power through leaping and jumping.  Using saber in the Tai Chi practice, however, is still softer than its use in other martial art forms.  


Tai Chi Stick

Tai Chi stick form is short but versatile and practical. The movements are quick, smooth and clear. When practicing the stick form, the Tai Chi principles of both rigidity and softness should be incorporated into the movements.