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Tai Chi Retreat (2011)

Group photoNearly sixty members, their families and friends joined our first Tai Chi retreat from June 26th to 28th at the beautiful Harrison Hot Springs. In this three-day retreat, Sifu Lee gave four workshops including a talk on the ten essentials and nine relaxations of Tai Chi. He also reviewed with the members the breathing & relaxation exercise, Yang's dual style Tai Chi form and weapon forms. Everyone beneifts a lot.

Here are the feedback from some of the members:

Sifu Lee"It is good to review the breathing and 24 forms which really solidify what I know. Throughout the years, I probably forgot some points / the idea of the move and then do it with some bad habits."

members"This is my first retreat of this nature, I have benefit a lot both on the theory side and on the practical side." 

"It was certainly a very informative retreat especially for those who have not attended the advanced class, as for me, it was a good review as well as an opportunity for me to know how much I remember and how much I need to correct/improve. "

"Thank you so much for organizing the Tai Chi Retreat.  In addition to the benefits obtained from the Tai Chi sessions that I have attended, I have a good time enjoying the amenities and pictureque scenery at Harrison Hot Springs and have valuable exchanges with many other Tai Chi members."


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